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Dig Info


Japan is obsessed with technological innovation and is one of the leading inventors of gadgets and gizmos on the planet. This no-frills video news website covers a range of techie topics such as robotics, gaming, cloning and design. There also features a section on food and technology – the post on the Inari-Zushi robot, which can prepare 2500 sushi rolls per-hour is a good read. Although sushi-master chefs won’t lose any sleep, the post offers an example of how technology has started to penetrate all aspects of Japanese life.

The internet is of course teaming with blogs and websites about Japan although there’s a perceived lack of English-language versions. So the sites listed here, all of which are written in English, do a great job of capturing the essence of Japanese society and culture. Although some are based outside Japan, they’re all owned and administered by people who grew up and lived in one of the Far-East’s most enigmatic countries. As a result the content is written by experts and people-in-the-know which provides invaluable resources for those looking to explore Japan inside and out.

You Me Sushi

Founded in 2008 You Me Sushi has been making great waves thanks to our varying menu concept that’s perfectly combined with a fresh and unique approach to Japanese cuisine.