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Japan Subculture 

japanese sub culture

This is the website of the Japan Subculture Research Center, which was founded in 2007. It’s run by author and journalist Jake Adelstein whose book, Tokyo Vice is being turned into a movie. His journalistic work has earned him recognition in Japan and he’s the first foreign reporter to be included in the Toyko Metropolitan Press Club.

His work can be seen throughout the site, which does a fine job of revealing a side of Japan that is often neglected. Hush-hush topics relating to the seedier elements of Japanese society are courageously explored – the result is an occasionally risqué, but frequently compelling and unflinching look at Japan’s cultural underbelly. So if you’re looking for a complete perspective on Japan, both good and bad, this site is well worth a visit.

You Me Sushi

Founded in 2008 You Me Sushi has been making great waves thanks to our varying menu concept that’s perfectly combined with a fresh and unique approach to Japanese cuisine.