What makes good sushi?

We’re a little bit evangelical about sushi. We love the stuff and that’s why we’re committed to offering a high-quality delivery service so you can get sushi in central London whenever you feel like it, but we thought we’d take the opportunity to let you in on a few sushi making secrets so you can see what makes it so great. So, just what makes good sushi anyway?

• High-quality fresh fish and seafood. The fish will always be the star of the show (unless you’re choosing vegetarian versions) and that means it’s vital you’re using top-quality ingredients, preferably using fish that has been caught the same day (or as close to the same day as possible) for maximum freshness.
• Get the rice mix just right. Fish may be the star but the rice is the backbone, and that means the rice mixture needs to be spot on. You’ll need the right amount of vinegar to ensure it doesn’t overpower the taste of the fish, and the proportion of rice to other ingredients needs to be right too.
• The right size. Sushi rolls should never be too big or too small if you want to maximise the flavour and get the best presentation, with finesse being the order of the day.
• Let every ingredient have its moment. You need to get the balance of ingredients just right so none of them are overpowered, letting each ingredient talk for the proper sushi experience.
• Don’t forget the accompaniments. Wasabi and pickled ginger are the traditional accompaniments to sushi, and they should never be overlooked if you want to maximise the flavour. A slice of ginger should be eaten between each piece of sushi to cleanse the palate and get the taste buds ready for the next morsel, whilst a small amount of wasabi can really enhance the flavour.

Want to taste good sushi?

Now you know what makes good sushi, why not have a taste of it for yourself? Here at YouMeSushi we know what it takes to make sushi that will meet and exceed your expectations, and our talented chefs work hard to ensure every piece is exceptional. Everything is handmade with care and we only ever use the freshest ingredients possible—we buy fresh every single day to ensure you only get the best, and we make sure we’ve got the balance of flavours just right for a proper taste explosion.

Plus, because we deliver directly to your door, you can enjoy a taste of Japanese cuisine in your very own home. Our delivery of sushi in London is top-quality and ensures you’re getting only the best, so why not take a browse through our menu? We’re sure there’ll be something that takes your fancy, and whether you’re new to the sushi experience or are a bit of an aficionado we’re confident you’ll like what you find. Then all you’ve got to do is make sure to keep the checklist in mind when sampling our products and you’ll soon realise what makes good sushi for yourself.

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