The World’s Best Sushi Delivered Straight to your Door

As one of the world’s truly great cities, it is fair to say that you can find pretty much anything you’re after in London. Indeed, it really doesn’t matter what kind of entertainment, music, literature, politics, sport, education, job or career you’re looking for; you will find it somewhere in London.

And it will more often than not be the best variant of it available anywhere in the world.

The reason for this is that London has an unrivalled reputation overseas and as such talented people and enterprises from all over the globe flock to the city with a burning desire to succeed. This is of course great news if you live in or around the capital as it provides you with amenities, services and opportunities which are nothing short of world class.

Of course, there is one area where this excellence is clearly apparent – food. To be sure, London can be very proud of the fact that pretty much every type of food on the planet is available somewhere within its 1,000 or so square miles. Indeed, London is able to offer high-quality food offerings from places as far off the established gourmet map as Tibet, Montenegro and Myanmar alongside more familiar pickings from places like China, India and Morocco.

In fact, if you decided to eat a different national dish each day in London then it would conceivably take you 196 days to get though all of the offerings which this world city has to offer.

However, whilst the options to eat high-quality foods in restaurants are pretty much unlimited, the ability to have first rate food offerings delivered to your door is somewhat less comprehensive.

To be sure, once you get past the myriad offerings of familiar Chinese, Indian, American, Turkish, and Thai delivery services that abound throughout the capital, you are delving into pretty shallow waters.

And up until relatively recently, high-quality Japanese sushi offerings would have been absent from that list as well.

Fortunately, we here at YouMe Sushi have filled that void as we have been offering Londoners the chance to have exemplary sushi dishes delivered straight to their door since 2008.

Our delivery sushi is of the exact same standard as our restaurant dishes as we prepare all of our food freshly everyday and do not store any of our ingredients overnight. Moreover, none of our offerings are prepared using machines – they are all lovingly constructed by hand.

And that’s not all.

Every aspect of every single meal we create is made exclusively using locally sourced materials. Therefore, customers who use our services can be sure they will receive a standard of Japanese food that is simply not available from any other sushi delivery services operating in central London.

So, if you want to experience the best sushi London has to offer without having to leave the comfort of your own home, simply get in touch with us here at YouMe Sushi.

You’ll certainly be glad you did!

You Me Sushi

Founded in 2008 You Me Sushi has been making great waves thanks to our varying menu concept that’s perfectly combined with a fresh and unique approach to Japanese cuisine.