How is Temarizushi Made?

What’s great about sushi is that just when you think you’ve come across every shape, size and type there is, along come about a dozen more to surprise you. And it’s not as if they’re all being made up on the spot either – the history of sushi is dotted with hundreds, maybe even thousands of different variations and each seems to be earning its place in the spotlight one after the other.

These days, finding great handmade sushi in London has never been easier, opening up a world of opportunities for those looking for something a little different.

A hugely popular example right now is Temarizushi – aka ball sushi. As the latter name somewhat gives away, Temarizushi is the type of sushi that’s created in a smooth ball shape. They make a great change from standard sushi rolls, they’re hugely versatile in terms of what you can make them with and they can be extremely affordable to make at home. They’re also much easier to make than they may appear on the surface and no special tools are needed…shy of a bit of cling-film and plenty of imagination.

Making Temarizushi – Ball Sushi

The process is wonderfully simple and so rewarding. It’s a case of first laying out a square of cling film upon which you’ll first place the topping of your choice – sliced fish of course being the most obvious way to go! Lay a small slice in the middle of the plastic film and then place a hand-rolled ball of fresh sushi rice on top of the fish. You could also add a little wasabi or anything else of your choosing between the fish and the rice – whatever flavours you fancy.

Next, the plastic wrapping is lifted from the side and used to coat the rice and filling. The plastic is twisted at the top in order to put a little pressure on the filling, allowing you to roll the Temarizushi into a perfect ball. It’s important to be cautious at the rolling stage however as if you press too hard, you’ll end up squashing the whole thing into a ball of mush that won’t be appealing to anyone!

The final stage of the process is to turn the Temarizushi out onto the serving plate in order to add any final toppings or garnished. Just a single spot of mayo and a couple of small chive strips are more than enough to give your Temarizushi a really stunning finish.

Additional Tips

While fish is of course the obvious choice of topping for Temarizushi, it’s also a great sushi type to make for vegetarians. Shiso leaves for example work wonderfully as fresh and colourful toppings, as will a very thin slice of omelette. It’s a wonderfully forgiving type of sushi to try your hand at and one of the least messy on the whole.

You can make Temarizushi to any kind of size you think appropriate for the occasion, though it has to be said that the smaller Temarizushi balls are just brilliant for appetizers, or even as finger foods for a party.

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