Sushi Tuna Sets Record in Japan

A sushi chain based in Tokyo has paid a record $1.76mn, almost triple the top amount paid last year, to outbid an affiliate of a rival at an auction for a fresh Bluefin whole tuna weighing approaching 500lb. And it was the second time the chain had beat the same Hong Kong group to the sale in the auspicious first tuna sale of the year.

The fish is enough to be made into around 10,000 sushi pieces. Despite the tuna’s price, however, the sushi would be sold at normal prices.

The sale takes place at the crack of dawn on auction day, where bidders gather in the early hours at the Tsukiji market, the Japanese equivalent of Sotheby’s or Wall Street for fish. The size of more than 40 football fields, it’s the biggest fish market in the world and can influence prices in all countries.

The massive tuna was caught off Japan’s north eastern coast in the Aomori prefecture, say reports.

It was considered important symbolically for the tuna auctioned at the first sale of the year at Tsukiji to stay in Japan.

Visitors gather there from 4am to watch buyers compete as they use hand signals to bid at tuna auctions, and the Japanese National Tourist Organisation lists the market as one of the most popular attractions in the country.

The winning bid for the tuna sold at the first auction of the year at the Tsukiji has averaged about 14.5 million yen over the last decade.

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