Sushi Side Dishes – Our Beloved Little Extras

Sometimes it’s the little things which make a big difference to your dining experience. Part of the beauty of sushi is that it gives you the opportunity to taste lots of different, delicious morsels, with different flavours and textures. Yet, if you really want to sample everything our London sushi delivery menu has to offer, you need to look beyond our scrumptious sushi and sashimi…

Prawn Gyozas nomnomnom

Alongside your favourite seafood items, you’ll also find a wealth of yummy little extras; from salty, Moorish edamame beans, to crispy vegetable tempura. If you’re keen to create a full Japanese feast, it simply wouldn’t be complete without a few of our favourite side dishes. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve compiled a quick guide to the side orders you can try alongside our freshly handmade sushi in central London. Here are 6 of our very favourites…

Edamame Beans
With the delicious freshness of steamed green vegetables, the Moorish saltiness of popcorn and their very own sort of addictive “snackableness”, edamame beans are a essential sushi side order. These tasty treats are ridiculously fun to eat; simply pop the pod and suck the slightly sweet, green, slightly salty beans right out!

Order a steaming hot portion to snack on as you wait for your itamae (sushi chef) to complete your order in our restaurant, or enjoy them as a healthy, warm starter with your sushi takeaway. Perfect with a glass of cold Japanese beer!

Crispy, deep fried and delicious, tempura is a classic sushi side order. Coated in a light, cold water batter and served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce, opt for tempura prawn for a heartier, meatier side dish. If you’re looking for something slightly lighter, vegetable tempura (which often consists of battered aubergine, peppers, onion, carrot and sweet potato) is a great choice.

Miso Soup
A traditional accompaniment to any Japanese meal, steaming hot miso soup is delicately flavoured with white miso paste, wakame, tofu and spring onions. The ideal warming extra and palate cleanser.

Seaweed Salad
Looking for a healthy, tasty side dish? Seaweed salad is a deliciously fresh and punchy extra, full of white noodles, crispy seaweed, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and sesame Goma dressing, spiced up with a delicate touch of chilli!

Richly garlicky little dumplings, stuffed with vegetables, prawn or chicken and dipped in a sweet chilli sauce. Gyoza are a slightly naughty but ever so nice addition to your London sushi takeaway. You’ll need to move quickly to make sure you get your fair share of these addictive little morsels.

Beautifully presented skewers of teriyaki-drizzled ingredients are a delicious way to sample many of the tastes and textures of Japanese cuisine. Known as kushiyaki, some of our favourite varieties include chicken kushiyaki – drizzled with teriyaki, sprinkled with sesame seeds and accompanied with soya beans and tasty red pickles; and a more original prawn and asparagus kushiyaki – served with the same tasty ingredients.

Has this blog got you in the mood for some sushi snacks? YouMeSushi has four london venues and we deliver within a mile radius of each of them!

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