Which Sushi Rolls Are the Healthiest?

Been wondering just how healthy sushi is? Well you’re in luck, as there are in fact so many world-renowned sushi rolls that aren’t nearly as bad for you as their great taste would have you think!

Sushi Rolls

California Rolls – 7 Grams of Fat, 250 Calories

Usually the rolls first-timers try out before exploring their newfound sushi obsession; California Rolls are surprisingly good for you. Of course, if you really want to make your rolls as healthy as possible, then it’s important to ditch those imitation crab-flavoured sticks and use the real deal – otherwise you’re robbing yourself of a good dose of Omega 3. And if you’re a big fan of cream cheese, do your best to use a variety that isn’t 95% saturated fat!

Rainbow Rolls – 8 Grams of Fat, 350 Calories

The lesser-explored Rainbow Roll is a delightfully pretty piece of sushi art and a great example of healthy sushi at that. It’s where you get a sizeable piece of fish wrapped around either a California Roll or a vegetable of some description. In any and all cases, the resulting sushi delicacy is not only extremely filling…which means you eat less…but almost all the calories you’re eating come from the super-healthy fish!

Avocado Roll – 5 Grams of Fat, 150 Calories

Last but not least, a tip of the hat has to go to the simple Avocado Roll for being what’s perhaps the leading example of healthy sushi out there. Avocado is a wonderfully healthy filling that delivers a decent whack of monounsaturated fats – just don’t go ruining it be cooking it up tempura style!

The above information is for guidance only. Calories can vary depending on the preparation. To try some delicious and healthy sushi for yourself, order online now!

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