Sushi: What is your roll of choice?

Feeling peckish? We know how you roll. But which roll from our London sushi takeaway menu will you choose? To help you narrow down your options, allow us to introduce you to a few of our handmade sushi roll favourites…

1. Salmon Maki

If you like your sushi traditional and full of simple, clean flavours, salmon maki are an essential part of your next sushi takeaway order. Sushi rice, wrapped around beautiful raw salmon, in a little nori jacket. No muss, no fuss, just yumminess.

2. Tuna & Avocado Maki

If you love clean, simple sushi ingredients, but want to branch out from salmon, our tasty blend of ripe avocado and glistening raw tuna in a deceptively simple maki is sublime. Soft textures, rich flavours and the freshest ingredients. What more could you ask for?

3. Crispy Salmon Skin Uramaki

Well, as it turns out, you could ask for a whole lot more!If you love sushi that’s packed with textures, new flavours and exciting new combinations, our crispy salmon skin uramaki is a must-try. Moreishly crispy salmon skin, wrapped up with spring onion and cucumber, then rolled in lightly roasted sesame seeds. If you want even more from your uramaki, just ask for our special tempura coating.

4. California Uramaki

The California roll is the American speciality sushi which took over the world by way of Little Tokyo in Los Angeles back in the 1960s. This sublime inside out roll (uramaki) is a star on our handmade sushi menu in Central London, coated in flying fish roe and stuffed with crabsticks and ripe avocado. Order yourself a portion in your next sushi delivery!

5. Vegan Roll

Our brand new, totally vegan sushi roll is full of lively flavours and tantalising textures. Rolled in sesame seeds and packed with piquant radish, kampyo and lush avocado, this vegan sushi roll is a proper mouth-pleaser.

6. Crispy Soft Shell Crab Futomaki

Love the sweet meatiness of soft shell crab? This is the futomaki for you. Featuring fresh bursts of flying fish roe, gooey richness from avocado and mayonnaise , alongside a delicious hunk of sweet, meaty crab, this is a roll to write home about.

7. Dragon Roll

Do you want your next handmade sushi delivery to be a showstopper? Our amazing dragon roll will impress any hungry guest. A long, beautifully decorated chain of rolls, full of crispy katsu prawns and soft avocado, rolled in sushi rice and drizzled with sweet unagi sauce. Tah dah!

8. Rainbow Roll

If you’re looking for something equally impressive, but a little more traditional, our rainbow roll is just plain perfect. A parade of delicious California rolls, topped alternately with salmon and tuna sashimi to create a bright, colourful plate of divinely fresh raw fish. Dive in!

9. Spicy Tuna Temaki

Of course, sometimes you don’t want to share. And on those occasions, you’d better order up a sushi delivery full of temaki (hand rolls). These one person potions are available with all sorts of ingredients, but for lovers of zing and spice, out spicy tuna temaki (featuring spicy mayonnaise, chillies, cucumber, spring onion and diced tuna) is hard to beat!

What’s your favourite sushi roll on the YouMeSushi menu? Personally, we think you’re going to need to try them all before you fall for a favourite!

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