Sushi on the Screen!

Our central London sushi delivery may steal the show at the dinner table, but sushi has a long history starring on the silver screen. Watch our favourite on-screen sushi moments below.

Tony Soprano fantasises about sushi in bed

OK, so it’s not technically a movie, but The Soprano’s has undeniable cinematic qualities. The fictional boss of New Jersey’s mafia crime family, Tony Soprano (played by the late, great James Gandolfini) isn’t all about the “gabagool” and “mozzarell”. In fact, both Tony and Carmella are head over heels with the new sushi restaurant in town.

The Bride eats tuna nigiri in Okinawa

We love this scene from Kill Bill vol 1 – and look how young Uma Therman is! Here a charming itamae (sushi chef) makes conversation with The Bride and screams furiously at his sous chef. The Bride’s order of warm sake makes him very happy!

Monsters Inc features a very talented, tentacled itamae

The sushi chef in Monsters Inc’s fanciest restaurant has one of the most impressive sashimi slicing techniques we’ve ever seen.

Samantha tries nyotaimori, and fails

Poor Samantha. The Sex & the City character wants to spend more sexy, quality time with her young actor boyfriend, but her attempt at a seductive nyotaimori experience doesn’t quite work out the way she planned in the first SATC movie.

Claire’s lunch baffles John in The Breakfast Club

“You won’t accept a guy’s tongue in your mouth but you’re gonna eat that?”. The Breakfast Club’s John Bender (played by Judd Nelson) is part-fascinated, part-mystified by Claire (Molly Ringwald’s) sushi lunch.

Repo Man’s Duke is a criminal genius

Intent on their crime spree, the cast of Repo Man are let down by Duke, whose big idea for a crime is eating sushi and not paying for it.

Scary Movie 4 is borderline culturally insensitive

This fake Japanese scene features two characters conversing using clichéd Japanese words and brands. “Kamikazi bonsai”, “shitake kimono”, “Hitachi sashimi!”. Questionable entertainment, but a sushi reference nevertheless.

Can you think of any extra movies which co-star tasty sushi? Share your picks with us or order up your very own superstar portion of sushi takeaway from our Central London restaurants!

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