Sushi Keeping Your Fast Food Healthy

These days, sushi is no longer the sole preserve of the highly adventurous foodie. In fact, picking up a pack of this Japanese fast food is nearly as mainstream as grabbing a ham or cheese sarnie.

You can buy these dishes from just about every supermarket, and sales have risen astronomically – by nearly 90% in the last couple of years in all. In fact, overall the British sushi industry is worth over £56mn a year.

Its reputation as a healthy food has been a strong factor behind sushi’s success. Japanese women are among the healthiest in the world, while A-listers like Cheryl Cole, Victoria Beckham and Keira Knightley are all reportedly aficionados.

If you’re keen to boost your levels of protein in particular, go for sashimi, or slivers of seared or raw tuna. You’ll also get plenty of omega-3 fats, minerals and vitamins, and this type of sushi is also low in processed carbs.

There are also things you can do to make this dietary choice even healthier:

• Finish your meal with fresh fruit
• Given its high salt content, you may want to consider regularly swapping miso soup for green tea as a sushi accompaniment
• You don’t have to go mad on the soy sauce every time you enjoy some sushi. For example, if you eat a lot of sushi at work you could keep a bottle of
low-salt soy sauce to hand, and measure the stuff out with a spoon rather than pouring too liberally.

If you’re concerned about health issues as a pregnant woman, or a woman who is trying to conceive, government guidelines state that they eat no more than a couple of portions of oily fish a week, while other adults can have up to four. Shop or restaurant sushi is completely safe for expectant mothers to eat, but the Department of Health recommends avoiding shellfish, which can contain some bacteria or viruses, during pregnancy.

Finally, if you need to avoid gluten in your diet and are wondering if the sushi you love can be enjoyed gluten free, you just need to check labels and bear in mind that soy sauce includes wheat. Tamari soy sauce, however, is a safe alternative. And, of course, avoid crumb-coated dishes like prawn katsu.

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