Sushi is a Beckham favourite

Britain has long had a culture of embracing cuisine from all over the world and sushi is now top of many people’s lists when they’re on the lookout for tasty dishes.

Among those leading the way when it comes to this tasty and healthy food are the celebs. No doubt many famous faces now make use of sushi delivery services as well as heading out to restaurants.

The Beckhams

It seems the Beckham family are lovers of this exciting cuisine. Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Victoria Beckham recently revealed that she, hubby David and their kids love to tuck into sushi when they get the chance.

The singer, model and fashion designer said: “David and I like to go out for dinner, either just the two of us or with the kids. We’ll go anywhere – Italian, French; the kids love sushi as well. That’s their favourite food.”

A healthy lunch

The glamorous mum of four also revealed that she likes to eat nutritious but low-calorie food throughout the day. She kicks off with some fruit for breakfast, which she likes to wash down with peppermint tea and a double espresso.

When it gets to lunch time, she enjoys “something quite healthy” like sushi. She might make the most of sushi delivery London when she’s spending time in the capital. After all, the star leads a busy life, so getting someone else to prepare the dishes fresh and deliver them to her door could be a handy solution.

With her lunch, she likes to drink “green juices and things like that”, as well as lots of sparkling water and peppermint tea.


Convenience is key for Victoria. The former Spice Girl and fashion guru said: “I eat and work at the same time. After lunch, I’ll normally pop down to an e-commerce shoot, for example, if we’re doing some filming or if we’re shooting more products. I like to get as much done between nine and four as I can. I work flat-out so I can get home.”

Follow her lead

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