Sushi delivery can take the stress out of hosting

You might love having people over to your place for a bite to eat and a few drinks. Spending an afternoon or an evening like this is the perfect way to show off your hosting skills and enjoy yourself with friends and family. Meanwhile, as well as social events, you may throw open your doors for special events like fundraisers or work bashes.

The only trouble is, catering en masse can be difficult and time consuming. Whether you offer your guests full meals or snacks, you can find yourself tied to your kitchen for far too long, slaving away at the stove. This can leave you feeling stressed and jaded, and you might not be happy with the results. After all, preparing food for a lot of people with limited space and time is no mean feat.

This is where sushi delivery in London comes into its own. By ordering in delicious treats like this, you can take the pressure off your shoulders and let someone else worry about the food.

A dinner party with the stars

One lady who must be accustomed to the trials and tribulations of dinner parties is Sarah Jessica Parker. The actress recently opened up her home to a host of guests, including President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

In total, 50 of the great and good descended on her New York abode for the event, paying as much as $40,000 (£25,614) for the privilege. This may seem a tad steep, but the occasion was staged as a fundraiser for Obama’s re-election campaign.

Sprucing up her pad

There’s no doubt that SJP went to great lengths to wow her guests. Her property apparently looked the part, with impressive bookcases from floor to ceiling, marble fireplaces and plenty of artwork for people to look at.

Of course, she will have had at least a little assistance when it came to food preparation. Cooking for this many people single-handedly is asking for trouble and the actress no doubt had plenty of other tasks to get on with.

A pat on the back

Among those who attended the special event were Meryl Streep, Aretha Franklin and Olivia Wilde. Meanwhile, the guest of honour seemed thrilled. Obama thanked “Sarah Jessica” and her “whole crew” for their hard work, adding that they were “great friends”.

He went on to remark: “I recognise that most of you are here to see Michelle. I always explain I rank fifth in the hierarchy in the White House. There’s Michelle, my mother-in-law, the two girls and Bo. So that actually makes it six. In terms of star wattage, people come to the White House and say, ‘Where’s Michelle?’”

Delicious sushi brought to your door

Here at YouMeSushi we’re experts when it comes to catering and should have just what you need for your event. You can have total confidence in our sushi delivery, meaning you can get on with the other jobs you have ahead of you.

Meanwhile, it seems like everyone’s raving about this light, healthy and above all tasty style of food these days, so you can feel confident when you offer sushi in London that your guests will be delighted.

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