Sushi delivery makes throwing the perfect party that bit easier

Being the perfect party host or hostess is a great feeling. You get to spend time with friends, family colleagues or whoever else you invite while also showing off your skills.

To achieve the best results, it’s important to bear a few simple principles in mind.


First and foremost, decide what sort of food you’ll serve. Especially if you’ll be offering your guests alcohol, it’s really important that they have some snacks to tuck into. If there are no tasty treats available, people can begin to feel a little light headed or tired, and your party might start to flag.

Rather than slaving over a hot stove all afternoon before your guests arrive, go for the savvy option and take advantage of sushi delivery.

These tasty and refined dishes are the height of sophistication, not to mention flavour. Your guests will love the selection of nibbles you provide and you’re bound to pick up some hosting points as a result.


They say that variety is the spice of life and this is certainly true when it comes to sushi. There are so many fabulous dishes to choose from, so it’s a shame to restrict your revellers to just one or two. By ordering a range of edible delights, you can make sure your guests feel indulged and spoiled.

Also, some people are more adventurous than others when it comes to what they choose to eat. For example, while some of your guests might love the freshness and delicacy of raw fish in the form of sashimi, others might be a little nervous about trying it. By offering sashimi alongside vegetable or cooked seafood dishes, you can make sure everyone is catered for.

Here at YouMeSushi we offer an impressive array of sushi London and should have everything you could possibly need for your party. Taking delivery sushi from us is simple and quick, and it leaves you with more time to get on with your other hosting duties.

You can take your pick from our selection of salads, hot dishes, sashimi, inside out rolls, nigiri, hand rolls and much more.

Looking good

It’s also really important to think about how your staging area looks. By making a bit of extra effort to ensure the area for your party looks the part, you can help ensure your guests are bowled over.

If you’re party has a special theme, you could invest in some suitable props to dress the area, while if it’s simple, elegant sophistication you’re going for, some strategically placed flowers and candles could do the trick.

And relax

When it’s show time and your guests finally arrive, try to be as relaxed as possible. If you seem stressed, your guests won’t be able to really let their hair down and enjoy themselves. Even if you run into some technical problems, don’t let them affect you.

This is another reason why sushi deliveries come in handy. They make your life easier and free you up from kitchen duties.

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