Sushi Delivery: 2015’s Most Versatile Food?

Office party? Impromptu lunch? Romantic dinner? Fresh, scrumptious sushi at your beck and call is making fast, mouthwatering food accessible and readily available. Not sure what to eat? Catering emergency? Spontaneous event? Versatile sushi deliveries are ideal for almost any occasion. It’s time to add our London sushi delivery service to your speed dial!

1. The Impromptu Lunch


You were going to “do lunch”, but the heavens have opened and suddenly nobody feels much like leaving the house. But what do you feed your guests? Whether you have unexpected visitors, or just fancy rustling up something special and unexpected for lunch, our fast and delicious sushi takeaway service will serve up something scrumptious in next to no time.

2. The Corporate Event


Unexpectedly long meeting with an important client? Keep bellies full and spirits high while you power through the particulars by dialling up delivery sushi. After all, raw fish is rich in Omega 3 – the perfect brain food! With dishes as diverse as prawn katsu and California rolls, our takeaway sushi menu has something to please every palate.

3. The Office Lunch Party


The clock’s ticking its way down to lunchtime. You’re hungry, your boss is hungry, your colleagues are hungry. Nobody fancies their home made sandwiches or doing the same old Tesco run. The solution? Sushi takeaway for the whole team. We challenge you to find a morale booster more effective than a platter of deliciously fresh sashimi, or our very special dragon roll. Get ready for an incredibly tasty lunch and an incredibly productive afternoon!

4. The Spontaneous Romantic Dinner


Doesn’t your other half deserve a treat? Whether you want to wow them on a week night, or put together something spectacular on the weekend, a superb sushi delivery makes the perfect spontaneous treat. We’ll serve up some of the best sushi in Central  London, leaving you to light the candles and choose the perfect mood music.

Run your other half a bath, give YouMeSushi a ring (or order online) and your spontaneous sushi surprise will be at your door in no time. The perfect way to get into the good books!

5.  The Late Night Treat


It’s getting late and you’re feeling pretty peckish. If your frozen lasagne isn’t really doing it for you and your cupboards are looking a little bare, a super fast sushi delivery could be just what the doctor ordered! Call us biased, but we reckon sushi is the ultimate comfort food: delicious enough to be a yummy indulgence but healthy enough to stop you getting that unfortunate post-takeaway guilt. Everyone wins!

6. The Function Saver


Catering fallen through at the last minute? A short notice sushi delivery is the perfect way to rescue your event. Fast enough to save the day but tasty enough to serve your guests a wonderful meal, sushi takeaway offers the very best of both worlds – convenience and quality. YouMeSushi to the rescue!

When do you like to indulge in a sushi delivery? Order your next handmade sushi delivery in Central London online and let us know what you think via our Facebook and Twitter channels.

You Me Sushi

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