Sushi an art not a science

Sushi might be the careful combination of ingredients to create truly mouth-watering morsels, but there’s far more to it than that. Yes, there’s some form of science to it, but at its core it’s all about art – it’s meticulously rolled, cut and laid out to create something that’s as artistic as it is delicious, and the Japanese are understandably proud of the culinary tradition they’ve become known for.

The Zen Garden of food

Sushi is designed to be an experience as much as a plate of food, and in fact it’s often thought of (and referred to) as a Zen Garden for the sheer spectacle of the whole thing. Its presentation, neatness and colours are intended to be relished by the eyes as well as the taste buds, and a true sushi chef will put care, love and attention into the dish as much as technical skill. It’s a careful process with the chef having everything laid out ready to begin his work, taking the time to assemble the dish with the level of care needed.

Quality ingredients, meticulous combinations

For sushi to really shine, it’s all about having the freshest, highest-quality ingredients possible. The fish has to be so fresh it’s practically still moving, whilst the rice needs to be expertly steamed with paper-fine, premium seaweed sheets to hold it all together. Of course, it’s the combination of ingredients that can take the whole plate up a level of deliciousness – the amount of rice vinegar used must be just right so as to not overpower the dish, and the flavours need to balance each other out. This is where experience comes in, and again, it isn’t always about sticking to a regimented recipe – it’s about understanding the process, the flavours and the craft of sushi-making and knowing what works.

Homemade or expert?

There’s nothing to stop those with a love of sushi (or of cooking in general) to have a go at making some at home. Most of the ingredients can be easily sourced whilst recipes can always be found, and there’s nothing like putting your own mark on things to enjoy the creative process as much as the finished dish. But, it’s worth bearing in mind that creating truly exquisite sushi takes years of practice – there’s a definite skill to it and there needs to be a real passion for the job, and that’s why it’s always nice to taste the work of expert sushi chefs too. It can be a real culinary event and can spur you on to learn the art of sushi-making even more, and if you want to experience it in your very own home you’re in the right place.

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