The rise of sushi in the UK

The sushi culture in Britain has really experienced an unprecedented boom over the last decade. These days, the sushi takeaway has for millions replaced the fish n’ chip shop as the convenience food outlet of choice, while sushi restaurants are sprouting up like mushrooms after a downpour. There are even sushi delivery services covering pretty much every home in every major town and city of the country – it’s like someone came in and changed the way the country thinks about sushi practically overnight.

Which begs the questions – why sushi and why now?



Well, first and foremost it’s safe to say that much of sushi’s enormous rise in the UK can be attributed to its newfound availability. When it first hit UK shores quite some time ago, the majority of the population would have had to travel a long way to get hold of any sushi at all – the sushi takeaway and sushi delivery service were concepts that just didn’t exist. Now though, they’re literally everywhere and there’s scarcely a person living in the UK that doesn’t have easy access to great sushi.


What’s more, with increased availability comes increased affordability – the more of something there is, the less overpriced it becomes. As such, with so many sushi restaurants competing for the same business, it’s inevitable that while quality standards continue to rise, prices are on a downward spiral we won’t be seeing the end of for quite some time.


It’s also safe to say that celebrity exposure hasn’t harmed sushi’s assault on the UK. In its early days, sushi was seen as something of a fashion statement in its own right – something to be seen eating if you wanted to make a name for yourself. These days it’s a sort of similar story and while it’s not to say that sushi remains an elitist fashion statement, it is in fact indirectly endorsed by so many famous faces. From members of the Royal Family to the nation’s favourite TV chefs and all manner of Hollywood A-listers, sushi remains a buzz-word for elegance and refinement.

Broader Horizons

Something else that’s worked in sushi’s favour is the way in which people across the UK are these days more open to new experiences and international cultures than ever before. We may remain true to our roots in some respects, but multiculturalism is as much a part of Britain today as the Sunday roast.

Health Focus

Last up, sushi is one of the few foods out there that can actually be considered both convenience food and health food at the same time. The best sushi delivery and sushi takeaway services on the market these days are more than aware of the nation’s newfound obsession with health and fitness, therefore offer a range of sushi rolls and dishes that are light on fat and calories. Which in turn means that when it comes to sushi, you don’t have to have an excuse for spoiling yourself guilt-free.

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