Revealed: Japans Top Sushi Toppings!

The classic Japanese food sushi has become popular across the world. It’s become eaten in slightly different ways in various countries, and spawned “hybrid” dishes like the California roll, stuffed with crab and avocado, or the avocado-topped “caterpillar roll”.

But what about the land where it all began? What types of sushi do the Japanese themselves prefer?

A recent survey of hundreds of men and women from Japan asked respondents to name their favourite sushi topping, and the results were revealing!

Surprisingly, for example, tuna was not the most popular filling in sushi’s home country.

Instead, salmon came in at number one, with more than 44% of participants naming it as their favourite filling. One 37-year-old woman said: “Salmon goes well with sliced onion and mayonnaise, or is delicious on its own.”

In at number two was chu toro, or medium fatty tuna, described by one 24-year-old male respondent as having “the perfect amount of fat,” and a man of 47 as a dish which “melts in your mouth.”

The third most popular sushi variety, polling 27.4% of the votes, was green onion tuna. One young woman said: “It’s so good I could eat a couple of tons of it!”, another: “It’s the only kind of raw fish I’ll eat.”

Maguro, made with tuna, was the fourth favourite and only brought in slightly fewer votes – 27% of the poll. One young man dubbed it “cheap but delicious and very refreshing.”

Finally, in fifth place was the salmon roe topping ikura.

“I always order this first when I eat sushi out. I’m not satisfied unless I have it!” said one female aged 31.

A man of around the same age said he liked “the texture and salty taste.”

So, second, third and fourth places all go to different types of tuna. Overall, other varieties of the fish were also nominated, including fatty tuna and zuke toro, a variety marinated in soy sauce.

But it’s interesting that maguro tuna, often considered the classic sushi dish, was not favoured by the Japanese respondents as much as salmon.
What’s your favourite mouth-watering sushi filling?

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