Pippa Middleton leads the love for sushi

Sushi hasn’t always been the UK’s international food of choice and London’s sushi scene was by no means born overnight. Over the last few years, however, it has exploded at a pace that literally none saw coming. Sales spiked by well over 20% again last year and the same is predicted for this year, meaning that in many parts of the UK sushi is now outselling pre-packed sandwiches and other traditional lunch staples.

As for the reason for sushi’s astonishing takeover, everyone has his or her own opinion, but one that’s never far from mention is that of influential exposure. And when it comes to influence, it’s safe to say that the Duchess of Cornwall’s sister ranks right up there with the best of them.

Is Pippa Middleton responsible for the rise of sushi in the UK? Perhaps not singlehandedly, but she’s certainly had an impact that stretches far beyond London’s sushi scene.

Sushi Student

It was only recently that Pippa decided to reveal her love for sushi and the fact that she’d spent much of her time as a student trying her hand at making the stuff. Not that we’d ever expected her to slum it in a world of kebabs and Pot Noodles like the average student, of course. She also apparently took huge pride in converting her fellow students to the way of the California Roll.

“The first time I made sushi was at Edinburgh University,” she revealed in her very first magazine article named Pippa’s Friday Night Feasts.
“I convinced my flatmates to help, promising we’d prepare it in front of the rugby on TV that afternoon.”

“The trickiest part was cooking the rice but even that, once we got a feel for the right stickiness, was easy, while the rolling just required patience.”
“If you don’t have a bamboo rolling mat, just use cling film,” she advised, being careful not to alienate the students that can’t quite afford the proper tools. As for whether or not she herself had an immediate effect on sushi sales is hard to gauge, but supermarkets across the UK have noted a significant spike in interest ever since the piece went out. Coincidence? Could be, but others have concluded it really is the so-called “Pippa Middleton Effect”.

A Famous and Fabulous Figure

Without getting too bogged down with specific areas, it’s safe to say that Pippa Middleton has the kind of figure the vast majority of women would give their front teeth for…and a fair few men too. As such, it’s hardly surprising that when the former ‘Rear of the Year’ reveals that she regularly chows down on a wide variety of sushi snacks, tens of thousands immediately follow suit.

These days, London’s sushi scene has evolved into one where more diners than ever before are looking far beyond presentation and taste to question what it is they’re eating and how healthy their choice of dish is. So if it is in any way true to say that Ms. Middleton is responsible for any of this, we can only be grateful for her influence!

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