Party Boxes From You Me Sushi

Sushi is best enjoyed when it is shared among friends and family. At You Me Sushi we have gone to great lengths to accommodate you with an extensive range of boxes that are full of delights. We have tried to accommodate a great many tastes with our boxes, but hopefully there is something for everyone. If you order our sushi delivery service, then a box is a great idea – filling, varied and packed to the brim with taste. The sizes of our boxes varies enormously from just a few pieces as a snack or light meal to one designed to feed an entire house of people. Getting a diverse box is really a great idea if you are new to Japanese food and are really looking to experiment with the type of sushi central London has to offer. A small box may contain pieces of salmon and avocado uramaki – great for those lovers of fruit and fish, looking for perhaps a new collision of tastes. We also supply many different types of salmon including salmon Nigiri, and Temaki. If you are wanting to have something natural and fun, this is certainly the box to go for.

Pandora’s Box

As the boxes increase in size we try to direct you on when you might order them. Our lunchtime boxes contain around 18 pieces which will make for a filling lunch that will keep you going for the rest of the afternoon. If its a working lunch, sushi is a great choice, since you can simply pick each small piece and eat at your leisure. Salmon Maki rolls and Avocado Maki rolls typically make up such a lunchtime feast. If you are looking for something a little more varied, but of a roughly similar size you might go for something that contains salmon Nigiri, tuna Nigiri as well as salmon Sashimi and Avocado Uramaki rolls. This will add more types of fish for you to enjoy.

If you are wanting to feed more than yourself, then doubling the size of the box to around 36 pieces is a good idea. This will contain many of the same options but will most likely also include California Uramaki rolls, and salmon Sashimi. Sharing the meal is one of the best aspects of our sushi London delivery service. No matter where you are, we can get it to you and your friends or family rapidly.

We also offer 72 and 128 piece group and party boxes. If you’re not in the mood for cooking and want to just make an order and relax, then these are fantastic options. They are also great if you don’t have much time to spare but would nevertheless would like a varied and interesting dining experience. These boxes typically include things like Japanese omelette Nigiri, vegetable Uramaki rolls, asparagus and shiitake mushroom Nigiri, cucumber Maki rolls, salmon Roe Gunkan as well as many of the other items already mentioned. If you would like to know about how much to order for your party, just get in touch with us!

You Me Sushi

Founded in 2008 You Me Sushi has been making great waves thanks to our varying menu concept that’s perfectly combined with a fresh and unique approach to Japanese cuisine.