What is Nigiri sushi?

Sushi is undeniably our absolute favourite Japanese food, however we are well aware that for the novice sushi fans among you, all the unusual names and appearances can be slightly confusing! That is why throughout November, YouMeSushi are going to make it our aim to transform you into a world class sushi expert by educating you on three types of sushi you may currently not know about. These mouth-watering sushi delights are a little more exotic than a maki or Californian roll and are all popular choices for our sushi delivery customers!

First of all we are going to make you acquainted with the delicious Nigiri form of sushi. It is said that Nigiri is the original sushi, first born in Tokyo which is located on a bay and is therefore rich in fish and shellfish. To describe Nigiri sushi in simple terms, it is somewhere between your classic rice/sushi combo of a maki roll and the juicy meatiness of sashimi. Our team of expert chefs who craft all our handmade sushi in central London make Nigiri using a slice of raw fish or tofu, laid across an oval-shaped mound of sticky rice. In order to stick the fish to the rice we add a little wasabi paste glue, or occasionally a small strip of toasted seaweed to strap the fish onto the rice. No other sauces are needed to hold the Nigiri’s structure in place making it one of our most fresh and light tasting sushi dishes.


Nigiri sushi is not only delicious, but it is also famous for being one of the most beautiful varieties of sushi around. All kinds of exotic, raw fish are used to make Nigiri sushi, which all boast stunningly bright natural colours due to their freshness. The most likely to be found in sushi restaurants in London are salmon, tuna or prawn which dazzle with gorgeous shades of orange and pink. However, if you venture to Japan or more fancy sushi restaurants, you will find all sorts – from octopus to eel, sure to amaze you in their appearance. We love the way all these colours look together in our Nigiri Box, which you can get delivered to your home with YouMeSushi sushi takeaway in London.

Nigiri isn’t all about the meat however. Like all sushi, it is perfect for vegetarians with meat alternatives like tofu or edamame regularly being used. A particularly delicious option could be YouMeSushi sushi delivery menu’s sweet tofu pouch. Also known as Inari sushi, it is a pouch of succulent seasoned tofu carefully wrapped around moist sticky rice.

Unlike other kinds of sushi, Nigiri is typically eaten using your fingers and it is served with a delicious variety of condiments. However you are only supposed to dip the fish side- practical if you think about it as this way you keep your fingers clean! If you fancy trying some Nigiri sushi in central London give YouMeSushi a call for the best Nigiri in town!

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