Why London Loves Sushi

London’s love affair with sushi is anything but new, though with each and every year the capital seems to fall deeper and deeper into its extraordinary sushi obsession. It’s of course fair to say that London is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines and has fully embraced so many of the world’s favourites foods, but the growth in popularity of sushi really has been something else entirely.
Which begs the obvious question – why?


When the first sushi central London had ever seen made its way into the capital, it was something of a niche and rare commodity that commanded a pretty excessive price tag. As such, it became one of the most fashionable foods for elite circles to try and be seen trying – most simply could not afford or access the stuff. As such, sushi got off the ground with a pretty strong start as a dining choice that was something of a status symbol in its own right.
Of course, things have changed a lot in the meantime, but sushi is still considered one of the most fashionable foods not only in London, but across most of the Western world.


These days, one of the main reasons why London is so in love with sushi is for the simple convenience of the stuff. Having spread across the capital like wildfire, getting hold of good sushi has never been easier and the very nature of sushi on the whole makes it ideal for those with busy city lifestyles. It can be rolled, prepped and served in a matter of seconds, it can be taken away and eaten on the go and there are more delivery sushi options that the average city-dweller would need in three lifetimes.


And then of course comes the inevitable improvement in the affordability of good sushi. Quality standards have only increased over the years, but with so many competing sushi providers on the London scene, it’s inevitable that competition has driven prices to all-time lows. Eating in London has never been a cheap affair, though sushi has made it more affordable than ever.


London is world-famous for bringing people together from all walks of life and attracting those with a passion for trying new things. Sushi is the perfect food for adventurous types as there are quite literally infinite ways to create sushi with the ingredients London has access to. Technically speaking, no two sushi rolls need ever be the same and those looking for something exotic can get as creative as they like with their own sushi concoctions and ideas.


And finally, London has over recent years become a city of increasingly health-conscious foodies, meaning that attitudes toward keeping fit have evolved alongside the capital’s obsession with good food. Sushi satisfies on all fronts as while it’s perfectly possible to make exceptionally rich an indulgent sushi, it’s also easy to make incredibly healthy versions too…and without having to spend a fortune.
Get fit and healthy while dining on delicious sushi – it almost sounds too good to be true!

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