Japanese Events to Look Out for in London This Week



Well the summer may be at an end, but there’s still plenty of time to drink in the very best of the early autumn before the cold weather kicks in. This summer has seen sushi in Central London explode in popularity again as thousands discovered the delights of the sushi delivery service for the first time. Access to great sushi continues to drive its popularity, which in a fair few cases nurtures an admirable desire to learn more about its country of origin – Japan.

And that’s where the good news comes in as while summer may be over, Japanese events in London are still rather abundant and look to be so for the rest of the year. So if you’d like to follow up your sushi delivery in London with a quite captivating Japanese event, the following take place before the end of September and come very highly recommended:

Fascinator making workshop with Awon Golding Millinery – September 20

Chisou Restaurant, Knightsbridge

Fancy yourself as a bit of a creative type? Well, this could be just the afternoon for you – head over to the Chisou Restaurant in Knightsbridge later this week and try your hand at making your very own fascinator. There’s a workshop being held for three hours in which you’ll learn all there is to know about the basics of fascinator making. It’s all about creativity, an artistic flair and being good with your hands – not all that different from creating handmade sushi in London really!

There will be tons of classy materials to play with, you’ll get a glass of bubbly to get you in the mood and you’ll even be able to take the masterpiece you make home with you. Best off, you don’t have to have any prior experience or really a clue what you’re doing – it’s all for good fun and nothing more!

Siro-A September 22, 2014 – January 10, 2015

Leicester Square Theatre
6 Leicester Place

The number-one show in Tokyo has finally made its way to London’s West End and promises more fun than several sticks could be shaken at. SIRO-A is a bit like Japan’s answer to the Blue Man Group, meaning a totally unique performance that combines music, mime, amazing special effects, dance and general theatrical performance that just cannot be described in words alone.

Suitable for the whole family and quite jaw-droppingly energetic, it’s the perfect way of working up an appetite before a delicious sushi delivery to finish off the night!

Sake Club –September 23

Chisou Restaurant, Knightsbridge

Chisou Knightsbridge is also giving sushi lovers the rare opportunity to dine on the world-famous Billionaire sushi roll with the renowned Shiokawa Sake Brewing Company’s Fisherman Sake. This stunning lobster maki is like nothing you’ve ever tasted before and is not the kind of thing that shows up with the average sushi delivery in London – the sake is also beyond decadent.

You’ll be given two glasses of Fisherman Sake, you’ll be advised on its unique tasting notes and you’ll chow down on what could be the most luxurious sushi roll you’ll ever get your hands on!



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