How long does it take to make sushi?

Despite the seemingly elaborate nature of sushi preparation, it doesn’t actually take that long to make. Much depends on how you want to present it. Measuring and preparing the rice usually takes around 20 minutes while cooking it can take about 8-10 minutes. Slicing, rolling and arranging can take a further 10 minutes, depending on your skill-level, the amount you want to make and the types of methods you employ in its preparation.

Certain types of sushi like Makizushi are more complicated to prepare, requiring traditional utensils such as a bamboo mat. This can prove challenging for those with little experience. However, dishes like Chirashizushi are very easy and quick to make, requiring minimal preparation. Usually served in a bowl, Chirashizush consists of sushi rice topped with raw fish and vegetables. Such dishes require less preparation and there is also less emphasis on presentation which of course means that it can be made quicker.

So sushi can be prepared relatively quickly. It really depends on the type of sushi you are going to prepare and the kinds of ingredients that will be used. If you intend to make sushi using traditional oriental methods, then accept that the process might take a little longer.

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