Are Drones the Future for Sushi Delivery?

Fast food delivery in the UK is more than just a service – it’s a national institution in its own right. There’s something so wonderfully ceremonious about sifting through the options, placing an order and then eagerly awaiting the culinary delights a third party is putting together on your behalf. And when the doorbell rings and you’re hungry enough to eat your own foot, it’s hard not to leap out of your chair and give the delivery driver a big hug.

The thing is though, a big part of this magic could be lost in the near future as technology is once again being eyed up to take over. If you haven’t already caught wind of them, a fair few names in fast food and delivery services in general have been experimenting with drones – small flying robots that could one day be used to take letters, parcels and indeed fast food to the doors of buyers in a matter of seconds.
There are even some restaurants trialling the things for taking orders to tables, but chances are this won’t put an end to the table-serving profession in the near future at least!

Weird or Wonderful?

Tests on the things have already been carried out in various regions of the world and according to those behind the drones have proved promising. The drones are a little like helicopters with four rotors, which are able to take off vertically and cruise along at about 20mph or so – the idea being to cut out the need to hit the city streets and make deliveries as the crow flies.

Unsurprisingly, reception has been rather mixed and not everyone seems happy as the prospect of a future dominated by sushi home delivery robots. The UK in particular isn’t the kind of place that’s likely to take kindly to automated drones stepping in for real human beings and thus robbing all manner of pleasures of their humanity. Order online, pay by credit card and receive the meal courtesy of a robot – the only person left to be replaced is the chef!
There’s no arguing the benefits drones would bring in terms of lower pollution, less congestion on the roads and perhaps even speedier service, but it remains to be seen what matters most to the Great British public.

A Far Flung Concept

In any case though, there’s no reason to fear the sushi home delivery robots quite yet as the well-documented tests of delivery drones so far have been anything but reassuring. Dangerous looking helicopters wobbling all over the place, dropping all manner of goods and eventually crash landing at their destinations don’t paint a picture of an innovation that’s set to revolutionize the industry anytime soon. Sushi might be the kind of food to withstand a few knocks and wobbles – a boiling bowl of miso soup on the other hand, not so much!

So it’s looking like the imminent future at least will continue to be one of traditional deliveries and the tipping of hard working drivers…which on the whole doesn’t sound too bad at all!

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