Which Drink Goes Best With My Sushi?

Tea, beer, wine, sake, juice – which beverages will set off your sushi takeaway feast to its greatest (yummiest) advantage? If you’re ordering a slap up sushi delivery from YouMeSushi in London, we’ve put together a few handy recommendations that will help your sushi delivery go down a storm. Just think of us as your sushi sommeliers!

Pomegranate & Blackcurrant water
Rich and fruity, these flavours are strong enough to compete with your sushi delivery. That means this beverage makes the perfect accompaniment to the most flavourful sushi delicacies on our menu. Whether you choose our sumptuous, rich and smoky grilled eel nigiri or a portion of yellowtail sashimi with jalapeno peppers, this sweet and fruity beverage will provide a tasty tang that cleanses your palette.

Orange & Lemon water
Sweet orange and tangy lemon in a light, refreshing water works really well with our subtler, sweeter sushi. The delicate, crunchy popping sensation of tobiko (flying fish roe) nigiri makes for a wonderful match, while our sesame seared salmon sashimi makes for another perfectly balanced accompaniment to these light yet refreshing flavours.

Lemon & Lime water
The slightly sharp citrus tang from this water blend is fantastic for cleansing the palette between dishes – awesome for when you want to try a little bit of everything (take a look at our special sushi boxes for a little more inspiration)! This beverage works especially well with dishes which already have a citrussy or spicy note. Check out our sweet unagi drizzled prawn katsu Dragon roll or our spicy prawn futomaki for something that works wonderfully with citrus.

Apple & Raspberry water
Fresh, fruity flavours in a delicate water blend make for a refreshing drop which tastes great with our non-fish sushi. If you love less traditional sushi featuring ingredients like our teriyaki chicken futomaki, hoisin shredded duck temaki (hand roll) or vegetable and cream cheese uramaki (with asparagus and sweet pickled pumpkin) – this is a great beverage choice.

Fizzy drinks
There’s no need to worry about being inauthentic when you order a Coke or Sprite with your London sushi takeaway. The Japanese love their carbonated beverages, drinking 35 litres of soda per capita per year. In fact, the carbonated fizziness of these drinks is another fantastic palette cleanser. Order with, well, anything on our menu!

You may have heard a number of misleading things about sushi and sake. Some people will claim that the Japanese never drink sake with sushi. Others will tell you that sake should only be consumed after your meal. Both of these statements are untrue. If you fancy sake with your sushi, by all means, order some up!

If you do fancy a tipple while you’re enjoying your sushi takeaway, the absolute best option has to be a cold, Japanese lager. Classic varieties include Kirin Ichiban, Asahi and Yebisu. The colder the better. Ahh! Here’s a handy little guide to the 6 best Japanese beers out there…

Green Tea

This classic oriental brew will go perfectly with any Japanese cuisine. The subtley of the flavour combined with its well-known health benefits makes it very popular drink with sushi-lovers all over the world.

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