Could Sushi Make You Age More Slowly?

Enjoy sushi al fresco in the cooler months and it could offer the key to longer life, according to research revealed recently.

Scientists who experimented on roundworms found that wasabi together with low temperatures seemed to spark a genetic process in nerve and fat cells which kept them alive for longer.

The same “genetic” programme is found in human beings and so scientists have wondered how they could slow down the ageing process.

The research, completed at Michigan University’s Life Sciences Institute and published in the journal Cell, found that cold air activates a receptor known as the TRPA1 Channel in roundworms’ fat and nerve cells or nematodes.

The receptor passes calcium into cells, eventually reaching a gene which is linked with long life.

As well as the colder temperatures, wasabi, a spicy condiment, is another activator of TRPA1. Leader researcher Professor Shawn Xu said: “This raises the intriguing possibility that being exposed to cold air may promote longer mammalian life.”

The extended lifespan could not easily be explained by a lessened rate of chemical reactions. Rat her, it’s an active process which genes regulate.

He added: “Perhaps we should all be eating in sushi restaurants more often.”

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