8 Japanese Foods Your Taste Buds Should Know About

For all those of you who were crying out to have your 2014 work’s Christmas bash in a sushi restaurant, more power to you. We hope your Christmas wishes come true. To all those naysayers out there who were happy to go to a pizzeria, here, from the menu of YouMeSushi’s central London delivery restaurant, are 8 Japanese foods your taste buds should know about.

Salmon or Tuna Nigiri

Consuming the finest cuts of raw tuna and salmon is one of those formative experiences that acts as a milestone in many people’s lives. After this point, your life will be split into two definite parts, known simply as pre- and post nigiri. It’s that good. If you haven’t tried it, now’s the time.

Flying Fish Roe Gunkan

Flying fish roe or ‘tobiko’ are the eggs of the flying fish, and they’re colourful, crunchy and lovely. Some people call tobiko the “poor man’s caviar” thanks to its vastly reduced price; but with a taste that’s a delicious combination of saltiness and nuttiness, we think you’d be draft not to get your chops around these marvellous little morsels.

Grilled Beef Fillet Kushiyaki

As a fixture in sushi takeaway restaurants across London, only vegetarians have an acceptable excuse for not sampling this sumptuous dish. Try this on size: “Skewers of sirloin and asparagus drizzled with teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds with soya beans and red pickles”. Sound good? Oh it is, and it’s all down to the incredible lean cuts of meat.

Vegetable Tofu Katsu Curry with Rice

For all you veggies out there, there are plenty of Japanese delights for you too. This dish is a mainstay on most sushi delivery menus, and for good reason. The perfect combination of healthy and yum, this dish comprises of crispy bread crumbed tofu, potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, courgettes, baby corn and broccoli, served in a tasty curry sauce and accompanied by rice, pickles and soya beans. A stunning combination that’ll make you glow!

All the Sashimi!

Sashimi is raw fish. Plain and simple. No rice, no seaweed wrap, just succulent, delicious fish served with soy sauce, wasabi and ginger. There is a wide variety of sashimi on offer, so be adventurous and enjoy!

Tempura Chicken

Hands up if you’re hungry! Okay, well how does 5 pieces of deep fried tempura chicken sound to nibble as we go? Good? Thought so.

Spicy Rainbow Roll

Even if you aren’t a regular down at the local sushi delivery restaurant, you’ll have probably heard of the Californian Roll. Well how about this for a tasty take on the traditional hand roll? The spicy rainbow roll contains spicy salmon, tuna, prawn and avocado topped with tobiko (the flying fish roe, remember?), spicy mayo and chives. Divine.

The maki roll

Rolls of rice wrapped in seaweed with a variety of delicious raw fish fillings. Choose from salmon, tuna and prawn or go veggie with cucumber or avocado. All the major food groups covered by the delicious maki roll.

You Me Sushi

Founded in 2008 You Me Sushi has been making great waves thanks to our varying menu concept that’s perfectly combined with a fresh and unique approach to Japanese cuisine.