The 7 Most Interesting Ways To Eat Sushi

Love sushi but bored of the same old restaurant experience? Why not order a platter of our exquisite home delivery sushi, attend a sultry nyotaimori event or even turn your favourite maki into works of art?

1. Kaiten-zushi


Round and round and round it goes, where it stops, nobody knows! Unless of course it’s your favourite maki and it’s on a kaizen-zushi conveyor belt .

Kaiten-zushi is now a well-known and popular sushi dining experience which combines the delicious taste of sushi with the requirement for physical dexterity of a hectic airport baggage reclaim. Diners sit around a conveyor belt which carries a mouth-watering array of sushi favourites through the restaurant, grabbing any delicacy which takes their fancy. Great if you’re a sushi glutton, less great if you’re ravenous and malcoordinated. (If you’re famished and clutzy, you might be better off with our Central London sushi takeaway service!)

2. Nyotaimori

If you like your sushi with a little extra sexy, nyotaimori is the perfect sultry foodie treat for you. Forget plates and platters, in nyotaimori, your favourite temaki and sashimi are presented and served on a naked sushi model. According to nyotaimori aficionados (don’t look at us!) you should avoid specialist nyotaimori restaurants – these are usually gimmicky and the sushi suffers as a result. Instead, befriend a sushi fiend and get yourself invited to a private party.

But remember, there are lots of nyotaimori rules which you mustn’t forget:

1. Do not enter into conversation with the sushi model unless they talk to you first. Lying very still for long periods is hard work and they may prefer to focus on the task at hand. A polite hello and thank you are appropriate.

2. Although sushi should usually be eaten with fingers, in the case of nyotaimori, always use chopsticks to pick your pieces from the model’s body.

3. Never, ever take photographs at a nyotaimori event without the explicit permission of the host, the model and the guests in the shot.

Want to recreate a nyotaimori experience for your favourite sushi fan at home? Enough said. Our sushi home delivery service will ask no questions. Why not order a delivery of divine handmade sushi from our London restaurant and we’ll leave the rest to you? Just make sure you plan things better than Sex & the City’s Samantha…

3. Makizushi Art


Takayo Kiyota is one of the most notorious sushi artists in the world, creating classics such as Edvard Munch’s The Scream and recreating Picasso’s famous rendering of his then-lover Dora Marr – entirely made of rice and nori. Takayo’s impressively detailed works of sushi art are entirely make of makzushi (rice and ingredients rolled tightly in nori with a bamboo mat).
If you’re not impressed yet, remember that every maki roll starts life flat, before it is rolled into shape. Once the rolling begins Takayo has no control over how her creation will look. Every little detail needs to be carefully thought through before the rolling starts.

4. Mosaic Sushi Rolls

Look at these beautiful mosaic maki! These incredible creations are the work of South African sushi chef Davy Devaux. These aren’t a traditional sushi style, but they sure are stunning. We’re not sure whether you’d want to eat them, frame them or just plain worship them. If you’re feeling very clever, Davy will show you how to make your own…

5. Cannibalistic Sushi

If you thought that eating sushi from a naked human body was weird enough, how about actually eating the body itself? Don’t worry, this human flesh is made entirely of sushi and, although it does appear to bleed when you cut into it with your chopsticks, all of the internal organs are edible sushi too. This is the experience you’re rumoured to enjoy at one of Tokyo’s weirdest themed restaurants: Cannibalistic Sushi. The perfect evening for psychopaths who really like rice.

6. Omakase

If you’re an adventurous diner and you trust your sushi chef (known as an itamae), you might want to ask to eat omakase. This means that your itamae is given free reign to serve up any creation they like, in any style, with any ingredients, in any presentation. It’s your job to sit back, marvel and not lose your nerve!

You could be presented with almost anything, from iko odori don (live, dancing, jiggling squid in a bowl) to funazushi – Japan’s oldest and smelliest sushi dish which features (very) fermented fish and rice.

Depending on your itamae, you’ll need to be feeling brave to take on a night of omakase but, take a risk and you could have one of the most incredible sushi experiences of your life. Here’s a little video of iko odori don in action to whet your appetite…

7. Sculptural Sushi

People love to play with their food and the sticky rice used in sushi is perfect for creating amazing edible sculptures. We can’t get enough of these adorable rice and nori pandas. They’re almost too cute to eat. Almost.

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