5 Japanese Inspired Presents

As creators of some of the finest handmade sushi Central London has ever tasted, we know more than a thing or two about what Japan-o-philes are into. If you have a friend or family member who is borderline obsessed with all things Japanese, from Harajuku style and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu pop videos, to Murakami novels and sake, we’ve come up with the ultimate list to help you find the perfect gift for the Japanese culture-lover in your life.

1. A Japanese Tea Set

From elaborate tea ceremonies performed by geisha (Chado), to tea drinking in everyday culture, tea plays an essential role in Japanese life.

A beautiful Japanese tea set is the perfect gift for any Japan lover who appreciates life’s finer things and quieter moments. We’re head over heels with this pretty Ruyao Sakura set from Umi Tea Sets. If you’re feeling benevolent, why not include some traditional Japanese teas in your gift? Matcha, sencha and gyokuro are all very traditional and very yummy too.

2. The Hayao Miyazaki Collection

If your Japanese culture-lover is hooked on Studio Ghibli movies, this beautiful box set of animation from the iconic Hayao Miyazaki will make them implode with joy. Porco Rosso, Ponyo, My Neighbour Totoro, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke – all of the stunning animated classics are here ready to be enjoyed in glorious quality.

3. A Kimono

It’s impossible to feel anything other than elegant in a kimono, which is why they make such perfect dressing gowns, transforming even the scruffiest sleeper into a glamour puss. They also make beautiful presents, especially for the Japan-o-phile in your life. We love this short Flying Crane design kimono from Japanya’s extensive (but not expensive) collection.

4. Sake

Instead of the same old, same old bottle of port, why not give your Japanese culture-loving friend a good bottle of sake? The Sake Samurai website features a section full of places to buy great sake online and in the UK. Meanwhile, the “Staff Recommendation” selection on the Japan Centre website is full of delicious drops any sake aficionado would enjoy. The premium Shirataki Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi Pure Rice Wine (pictures) is a lovely drop.

5. A Sushi Set

A platter of our divine sushi delivery goodies may be enough of a treat, but imagine how special and scrumptious a London sushi takeaway would seem, served on a Japanese sushi dining set?

We love this modern design from Pablo Blue by Jill Shaddock, but you’ll find tonnes of other, more traditional styles (at lower prices) online. This particular set comes with matching chopsticks, chopstick holders, a ceramic platter and soy bowls. You may want to look for a set with a matching soy dispenser to complete the whole look and feel for your Japan-obsessed recipient.

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