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Tuesday is fun with You Me Sushi

It’s Tuesday and we’ve got some good news for you! We’ve launched You Me Tuesday, enjoy £10 OFF + FREE delivery on orders over £35. Use the discount code ‘Tuesday’ and we’ll take care of the… Continue Reading

Sushi And Sparkling Wines

Many readers will be just like me and can never say no to sushi! The beauty of sushi is that it caters for many people’s dietary requirements and there really is a limitless recipe list… Continue Reading


Will We Ever See Sushi Delivery by Drone?

In a not-too-distant utopian or dystopian future, depending on how you view the relentless encroachment of technology on our daily lives, you may look upwards to gaze at the endless stars and proud full moon,… Continue Reading


What is sushi wrapped with?

Sushi can be wrapped with a variety of ingredients such as rice, tofu, vegetables and seaweed. Less common wrappings include soy and rice paper. In addition, the dishes Inarizushi and Gunkanmaki utilise Nori (seaweed) while… Continue Reading


How long does it take to make sushi?

Despite the seemingly elaborate nature of sushi preparation, it doesn’t actually take that long to make. Much depends on how you want to present it. Measuring and preparing the rice usually takes around 20 minutes… Continue Reading